Top 5 Reasons You Need 9W Plus

  1. Next Generation Financial Information. Leveraging the latest data standards, no one else gives you the control to select the exact criteria for your reports and download them in seconds. Designed for YOU. Frees you from struggling through financial reports and gets you right to the information you need to be smarter about the factors that affect your decision making.

  2. Save time – not minutes but hours. Choose from 5 years of information from 15,000 plus companies. Select the financial criteria that matter to you. Choose whether to see Annual or Quarterly results. REPORT DONE!! Download to spreadsheet or PDF and share with your community by email, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media.

  3. The one right answer to your financial questions. CEOs, Investment Bankers and Sales Directors are spending more time on analysis and less time crunching numbers. 9W’s format has a use for anyone who needs to understand their competitors, their suppliers, their own company and even companies they might want to work for.

  4. 9W's Scenario Templates Saves You Time. 9W experts have built models so all you need to do is plug is the companies you want to evaluate. From M&A analysis to Solvency, Competitive Analysis and more . Choose your company(ies), click on the Scenario. Done.

  5. Ask 9W App. Download ASK 9W from the Apple or Google Store or add to your desktop. Enter a company name or ticker symbol. Enter a common parameter – like Cash or Revenue. Choose from a list of items related to that concept. Click on Instant Answer and VOILA! Your answer will appear in plain English. You can share the results and then go on to ask and answer millions of other questions.