About 9W Search

From the founders of EDGAR Online comes one of the most innovative search services designed with one simple idea in mind - the single, right answer to a financial question on any device - handheld, tablet, or laptop. Over the past twenty years we have participated in the vast changes in data and delivery. 9W draws on that experience to bring you the best way to answer questions whenever and wherever you want.

9W is designed for the universe of users of financial information: from the “C” level throughout the enterprise, for money managers to marketing managers and sales teams, from auditors to attorneys, from traders to the millions of people who are just plain curious about the companies they invest in, the companies they work for, the companies they want to do business with and companies in the news. 9W has the most complete, timely and accurate US public company financial data available anywhere. We source our data from either primary sources or from companies who are expert in specific forms of data extraction

Our goal is to make it simple. We have the most complete public company database, going back more than five years. That means we have all the answers. And we know how to help you get to those answers in the most painless way imaginable.